Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Overthrow The Punditocracy!

I can't say it enough. Please read Glenn Greenwald. Every day.

He is tirelessly chopping away at what I think is the biggest obstacle in the road back to rational thought and progressive change - The Punditocracy and the Elite Washington Media Establishment. Not so much the politicians or the servile and hacktastic staffers (although he does). He is dead-on in targeting the beltway media stars and think-tank "scholars". The man is easily the most prolific blogger around and is so well-researched, and flat out nails so many arguments, it's actually scary.

Glenn deciphers the language that passes for political argument in Washington and the establishment media. Maybe the best thing about his work is the fact that he eagerly interacts with the subjects of his frank critiques and gleefully tears down their flimsy justifications - with evidence. He will go back and provide context and examples of things which they have said in the past and use them to expose not only biases but stunning intellectual laziness and dishonesty (which seem to walk down the street hand in hand).

And boy does it piss them off. Yeah I'm talking to you, Joe "Serious" Klein.
Please read Glenn's work - every day.

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