Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The F-Bomb

Here's something that caught my eye and has been drowned out since the media's old flame OJ is back in town.

John Kerry (link) was answering questions from the audience at a college in Florida when a young man stepped up to the mike to ask the senator a question or two. He got a bit worked up and loud and wound up causing a scene, culminating in his being tasered while defenseless on the ground.

Chris Matthews (link) had Joe Conason on with a woman from Code Pink, a leftwing activist/protest organization to talk about the video. My jaw almost hit the floor when Tweety (that's Matthews' pet name in the leftwing blogosphere) actually dropped the F-bomb...


Now, this is NOT a term that you normally hear on corporate cable news, and certainly not one I'm accustomed to hearing come from lips that were crazy-glued to Bush's behind for 5 long years. A few gems from Matthews from the Bush Years:

"Sometimes it glimmers with this man, our President, that kind of sunny nobility."

"Everybody sort of likes the president, except for the real whack-jobs ..."

"And that's the president looking very much like a jet, you know, a high-flying jet star."

Want to vomit yet? For this power-slut to wonder aloud, on air, that this might be the beginnings of fascism, to me speaks volumes. First, he wouldn't dare say it if he thought he would be reamed by the corporate higher-ups (in my opinion one of the main sources of American Fascism). Second, when the idea that there is a fascistic streak coursing through the country is even approached by a pro-establishment, mainstream media whore like Tweety, you can bet this thought is creeping into the national consciousness. This guy is a follower, not some idealistic leftwing rabblerouser.

The main problem with bringing the term into our dialogue is the implication that a fascist is a Nazi. The world has seen many different types of fascism, and most of the others don't include the hideous inclination to slaughter Jews. But the one group who are not true fascists are the Islamic Jihadists. The freshly minted term Islamo-Fascist as applied to terrorists and other arab people by the FOX radicals is really a psychological tool to position themselves as the opposite of fascist. The Bad People are fascist and we are of course the Good Guys so naturally we can't be fascist too. It's pretty brainless.

As Joe Conason aptly quoted Sinclair Lewis in his excellent book, It Can Happen Here, "When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag carrying a cross."

Are we there yet?


Anonymous said...

Exactly right. The use of the word fascism by the right wing is nothing more than a tool to change the definition of the word so it doesn't fit THEM any longer while remaining to be a despicable word.

In answer to your question, yes, I believe we are finally there and can be included as a fascist state. Our government no longer serves the people but exists only to control their actions. The rule of law can be dismissed any time it doesn't fit corporate America's plan or desire.

rduke said...

Yes, we are there... We have been for a long time. The effect is like getting on a plane, and falling asleep...Then waking up in your hotel room at the place you were going to.

So when most wake up...or at least are starting to.. We have already checked in and taken a bath.

The question is not how we got here, or if we are even really here and are actually still on the plane having a lucid dream.

The question is now that we are here...

What do we do now?

Lefty said...

Hey there - thanks for stopping by and starting a dialogue.

That's a good question, what do we do now. I'll be out of town this weekend but when I get back next week I'll respond to that. That's exactly what this blog is all about. Hope you'll visit again soon.


Left in Canada said...

I think America arrived at that point back in 1963, with the Kennedy assassination.
Since then, you've had the assassinations of MLK, and RFK, the October Surprise, the secret wars in Central and South America, the Gulf War stolen elections, 9/11, and nothing ever properly investigated.
Its dismal and depressing.

Alex said...

I agree we are there.. I worry what will happen before bush's presidency ends.. and whats to come after.. Hes signed many acts recently that would make it easier for him to declare martial law.. there are already many concentration camps all over america.. you got the patriot act trying to take away our privacy.. they are trying to take away our guns.. do you think america could become a police state?

Lefty said...

I do think we can become a police state quite easily, since the areas that would need the most policing would be the easiest to control - the urban, liberal cities. I disagree about the guns. I don't think anyone is trying to take anything away. A lot of people would just like more oversight and controls. But those who are stalwart 2nd Amendment defenders are not really motivated by the original idea which was to be able to defend yourself FROM the state and to empower citizens if revolution is necessary. Their motivations are different.

Alex said...

Yeah I see where you're coming from.. What do you think about the talk of bush trying to extend his presidency in 2009? Using war for an excuse and trying to stay a 3rd term or rather extending his 2nd term.. There was an executive order signed by bush on may 4 2007. National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. NSPD-51/HSPD-20.. What are your thoughts on this?

Lefty said...

I don't know what to think anymore. The endgame of this Presidency is extremely frightening. Because this is clearly not a man who is a lame duck. Sure, there are no big legislative accomplishments out there to be had, but he is still going to do what he wants. It's obviously a huge understatement, but this is not a normal Presidency. I think a good rule of thumb is that whatever you see, it's at least twice as bad behind the scenes. And that should make you shit your pants.

I suppose the silver lining here is the possibility of shattering the Republican Party. But the problem is that we all will suffer. I've stated this elsewhere, but I really don't understand how the other Republicans don't recognize that Bush could destroy them. They need to take action to remove him today, or they are really risking their future over the next decade or two. Doesn't it feel as though he's got one more giant disaster in him?

I just can't shake the feeling that something bad is coming.

Lefty said...

BTW, thanks for commenting. I truly enjoy the sober conversation. I'm just getting used to blogging so there may be some lag time from when comments are submitted to their being posted. I'm trying to check my inbox more often.

Soon I'll have a big post focusing on the merger of the corporate sector, the government and the media. Every day that goes by it gets harder to tell them apart.

Alex said...

Yes it does.. I feel like something bads going to happen real soon. Its seems as if things are set up too perfect for something not to happen.. All the right steps have been taken..

Same here. I dont keep up with my things much. I try to check back often tho. Its awesome to see a site like this. We need it.. Someone who really cares about what's going on. Sad thing is most people turn their cheek to things like this.. its easier to not believe it and go on about your life i guess.. until something really does happen.

Lefty said...

It's just this nagging feeling that Bush has one more huge blunder left in him. He seems too loose, too carefree, like he's got something up his sleeve. Or at least his masters do.