Monday, November 26, 2007

The Case Against Hillary

Is Hilary so much better than the next candidate that we are willing to return to this? Granted that much of this obsession and infatuation is simply due to the nature of the rightwing we now have to deal with. But it is still baggage that they bring with them in a return to the White House.

Does anyone really think that the zombie-robot halfbreed Republicans are going to behave better this time around? Really? I think they're already drawing up plans to exhume the corpse of Vince Foster and are going to skullfuck the shit out of it until they pass out in an orgy of conspiracy theories and hate radio!

These were the Glory Days of the radical right, the years in which the vaunted media and smear machine was built upon the innuendo, rumor and slander of the 90's. This awful machine is finally in decline, disgraced and defrocked, picking on 13 year-old kids, 9-11 widows and Parkies. They no longer have a thing to say and must fill their airways with any battle they think they can win. Entire media industries and companies were built by hyping up every titillating detail of the Clinton's personal relationship and by inflating and outright inventing scandal after scandal until they had built up enough of a list that the sheer number of grievances could convince the ordinary person that some of them must be true.

This is the only game they know how to play. So why on earth would we give them the ball back?

And this time Bill is going to have a whole helluva lot of time on his hands. How long will it take for him to lean back in a White House chair, stick his hand down his pants and give the rightwing everything they have been dreaming about? There is nothing that the rightwing loves more than to obsess about what Bill is doing with his Lyndon Johnson.

They have already destroyed the Clinton's reputation and legacy for political profit, leading to this modern hell of Republicans hegemon. Did the last 7 years not suck enough for you to want ANYTHING BUT THAT?

Put the Clintons back on Pennsylvania Ave and the happiest people in this country will not be Hil or Bill or Nancy or Harry. It will be Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity and O'Reilly. It will put millions more dollars in every one of their sleazy pockets. They will fill countless hours of airtime with apocalyptic declarations, personal smears, wild speculation and a glorious return to the halcyon days of phony moral outrage. Dozens upon dozens of books will be penned by hateful smearmongers in their Kaczynski-esqe madness, documenting the conspiracies and sins against humanity and our Republic.

Just Google "Clinton scandals" and you will find pages of diatribes and sanctimonious tirades declaring an end to all decency and honesty. They won't even need to write anything new, and this time they have FOX!

I for one have had enough of the rightwing and their sadistic madness. Their fanatical dreams of a "Permanent Majority" are shattered, and it's clear now the real meaning of the phrase. Like so many other slogans, this little slice of propaganda never really meant it's literal interpretation, a party which wins year after year, an electoral dynasty. Rather, it was the vision of a one-party government, converting every department and governmental body into an arm of the Republican Party, enforced by fascist rightwing politcal thought control, reinforced by obediant media propaganda.

The Hilary as a frontrunner narrative is a trap. The rightwing still controls the media despite all that's happened and despite widespread unhappiness and animosity ordinary citizens have for it. Simply put, they literally OWN the media. The vast majority of corporate funds are pouring into Hilary's coffers, setting her up as the defacto nominee, despite all the misgivings and skepticism of the party's base. She is being fixed up as the man to beat because she is the opponent they match up the best against. And as a bonus, if their fang-bearing candidate cannot defeat her despite media control and fearmongering, then at the very least they will be able to make tons of money doing what they do best, speading hatred and divisiveness among the electorate, personally smearing and destroying any chance she would have to be reelected.

What should be clear by now from the vicious efforts of partisans such as Karl Rove, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Dick Cheney, and the Hannity/O'Reilly/Limbaugh syndicate of media mongrels is that divisiveness is a foundational political strategy of the GOP. While it's clear to the more detached observer that Hilary's divisiveness is seriously hyped, there exists no better tool to divide the electorate and stir up partisan animosity than the Clintons.

Ultimately what I am trying to say is that while the rightwing hysteria may simply be the nature of their tactics and less the fault of the Clintons, to ignore the history and baggage that this creates while determining the nominee is utterly foolish. The first and foremost consideration when voting in the primaries should be how much a candidate reflects your views. Picking a nominee mainly on "electability" simply does not work. This is how we wound up with John Kerry who couldn't defend himself from attack, rather than the supposedly less generally electable Howard Dean, who would have CLEARLY hit back.

The rightwing establishment is setting us up once again. The trap is for the media to prop up Hilary as the nominee so that she can be torn apart all over again, limiting her to one term at most.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feinstein's Monster

I don't want to use the word "hate" here, but the level of my contempt for Dianne Feinstein is maxed out. Glenn Greenwald sums it all up pretty nicely here for those who aren't aware of her cowardly and treacherous corruption in yielding everything that Bush could have asked for. I can't begin to explain how important it is to make sure that we rid the Democratic Party of double-agents like her. As far as I'm concerned, her and her BFF, Charles Schumer are no better than the warmongering neocon doppleganger Joe Lieberman. As Greenwald cites in his column, as a representative of the people of California and a Democrat, polling shows her party's constituency as being 90% opposed to the radical Bush regime. And yet for some inexplicable (it would seem) reason she plays along with the most unpopular and dangerous President I have ever seen. Can someone please look into this obvious case of corruption? There is no good reason other than personal profit that she would allow the lawlessness of this administration to go unchecked. NONE.

Something is rotten in the state of California, and it's the decaying corpse of Dianne Feinstein's integrity. Thankfully, some Californians are moving to censure her.

I can't begin to explain to you how difficult it is to express my anger here without resorting to vulgarity.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Still Here

I will be posting a big piece about a possible Clinton nomination shortly. Until that is finished I want to give a big shout-out to my 2 new least favorite people in the world, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein, for selling not only the people out, but the very rule of law and our Constituional democracy by confirming Attorney General Mukasey. Nothing will change - there still will be torture in our names and the President will continue to operate above the law.

There is a special place in hell reserved for these two cowards.